Medasys helps  healthcare institutions to optimise their processes using software solutions and advanced services to  improve healthcare provision. Our strategic choices allow us to offer a cross-disciplinary integrated solution that is secure and fully communicating with the primary objective: to position the patient at the heart of the Clinical Information System.

We have designed our solutions to meet all the needs of health professionals based on an "Extended Hospital" initiative and taking into account communication between facilities and community doctors. Knowing that quality and security are major concerns for health professionals, we have incorporated these notions in our strategy from the design of our solutions  into our project deployment and management methodologies.

Be it healthcare provision and the Patient Record or Technical Platforms (imaging, biology), our strategy is "paperless" and interconnects activities to ensure that patient management is as efficient as possible. Still pursuing the logic of adhering to professional requirements whilst preserving the advantages of an "all-in-one" solution, over these last few years, we have transformed our approach by developing solutions for Specialties such as Emergencies, Chemotherapy and Intensive Care Unit. We are continuing along these lines by forging strong partnerships with our clients who are specialists in their fields. We have also switched focus to mobility and "Apps" to offer our customers the user-friendliness, flexibility, rapidity and reliability they expect in their daily work.

Sharing and regionalisation constitute two major challenges for the future healthcare system. We have been in a position to meet these challenges for several years as we were one of the first editor to offer clinical solutions in SaaS mode (more than 55% of our sales).  The conventional approach to IT is no longer adequate in dealing with the advancement in information technologies, changing uses of IT within institutions and political decisions to scale-up our healthcare system.

Medasys has therefore adopted a new objective for the future: to provide a comprehensive and reliable service accessible by everyone everywhere, and to become a healthcare operator.

The group has also expanded its international presence in an aim to share French expertise with foreign institutions, in particular in North Africa, Belgium, Italy, Asia and Lebanon. Its range of solutions is available in French and English and has already demonstrated its ability to be adapted to the professional and regulatory challenges of other countries.

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