Build an Health Information System based on your business processes

DxCare®, the privileged work partner of health professionals!

The DxCare® solution focuses on patient management, intra or inter healthcare units. Patient Records are simply created by acquiring information throughout the execution of each step of the management process, paying specific attention to optimisation of institution's resource planning.

Intuitive and flexible, DxCare® is at the center of the action, thus becoming the health professional's privileged work partner. By proactively presenting him the to-do tasks, DxCare® immediately answers, for example, the question "What appointments do I have" or "List my patients for whom new results have just arrived". But DxCare® also draws the user's attention to pending tasks which slow down the efficiency and the organization of the healthcare team alongside the patient throughout his medical pathway, and the institution. Indicators such as "prescriptions to be approved", "results to be consulted" or " pending quotations" present on the doctor's homepage prompts him to deal with those delays in priority. 


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