Operating Room

Operating Room

DxCare® allows optimum management of the complete Surgery Patient Circuit!

The solution offers comprehensive management of the medical-surgical process, provides better activity coordination, improves efficiency by optimising rooms, and offers optimised and pre-empted scheduling.

DxCare® Surgery Patient Circuit allows you to:
Schedule a surgery program with the patients to be operated, based on practitioner's Available Shift Time and the duration of his intervention, 
Reference all the operating room devices (Equipment, IMD, autoclavable and single-use equipment) necessary to the creation of a surgery program, 
Document the operating activity in real-time on a daily basis, connected with stock management, etc.,

Issue an alert about all points impacting the procedure, 

Provide activity indicators from the operating room, based on those from MEAH.

DxCare® Surgery Patient Circuit natively integrates anesthetic management, thus offering optimised management of your patients. 

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