Chairman & CEO

Frédéric Vaillant

Frederic Vaillant, a trained engineer, holds the position of Medasys CEO since July 2010. With a career conducted with strong management responsibilities within IT companies such as HP and IB Group, Frederic Vaillant has been actively contributing – for fifteen years- to the development of Medasys Group in France and abroad, through its various management positions. Entrepreneur at heart, Frederic Vaillant successfully led many business creation projects in different fields (computing, software, services…). Besides its position in Medasys, he is also the President of the company he created Agile Green Developpement, the first company for sustainability services. Willing to put Medasys abreast of market trends and get involved in the quality improvement process of care through the HIS, Frederic Vaillant chose to support initiatives such as HIMSS French E-Health Exchange (FEE) of which he is the co-founder and  the Vice President since 2015. 

Member of the Executive Board & Director of the DxBilling Department

Jean-Paul Boulier

Jean-Paul Boulier has devoted much of his career to the development of companies and activities in the field of computing. He joined the Group Medasys in 2000 by transferring the activity of the company he founded in 1996. Successively Human Resources Director and Director of subsidiaries, Jean-Paul Boulier, takes an active part in the development of the Group's biology activity. Leaning on more than 40 years of experience and expertise, Jean-Paul Boulier is, since 2010, a Board Member and the head of the subsidiary Mega-Bus International. Meanwhile, Jean-Paul Boulier works with his team on the development of the product DxBilling, solution created to manage all the processes of health institutions billing chain.  

Deputy CEO

Jacques Raulo

With twenty-five years of experience in IT, Jacques Raulo joined the Group Medasys in 2002 within the Infrastructure Services department, then became the head of the presales department. Six years later, he was was in charge of the Group's ASP offering launch. In 2010, Jacques Raulo becomes the Head of Customer Service. He builds and develops the range of services, whose increasing trend represents 25% of turnover. Newly appointed Executive Vice President, he provides support to Medasys President and Executive Committee in the daily management of the Group.

Chief Financial Officer

Frédéric Seillier

Frédéric Seillier joined the Group Medasys in 2003 as Chief Financial Officer. With DECS and ESC diplomas, he held similar positions for almost 20 years in SMEs and large companies. For over ten years, Frédéric Seillier has brought his solid expertise to Medasys Group and supports it every day in financial, market and administrative operations in France and beyond our borders.   

Sales Manager

Ibrahima Sidibe

Ibrahima Sidibe joined Medasys in 2001 and has been for several years the Sales Manager. His successive job titles and functions within the Group allow him to combine technical skills and his commercial know-how. With a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics (Orsay, ENS Cachan) and being a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Ibrahima Sidibe began his career in the banking departement. 

Today, he is actively involved in Medays commercial development on the French Market in order to support health facilities and newly created healthcare Groups in the convergence of their Hospital Information System. 

Export Manager

Sofia Laroubi

Sofia Laroubi joined Medasys in 2008. She is the International Business Development Manager, a position she has been holding for several years. With nearly 20 years of successful experience working for IT companies such as Metrologie, Dell Computer or EMC, Sofia Laroubi combines her professional skills and her IT expertise to lead and monitor projects. Evolving in a multicultural environment, Sofia Laroubi plays a key role supporting the Group in its international development through its subsidiaries and its international partners. 

Director of Maintenance and Technical R&D

Jean-Noël Hayart

Jean-Noël Hayart, a trained IT engineer and a graduate of the University of Lille, joined Medasys in 1997. After ten years working for the Group, Jean-Noël Hayart took the technical leadership. In charge of the technical and R & D strategy, he manages today the Group’s Maintenance and Technical R&D departments which represents 70 persons. Very attentive to the health information system market, Jean-Noël Hayart takes an active part in the development of our solutions internally and externally through service providers and partners. 

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia HIS

Patricia His, a statistician who graduated in Computer Science (CNAM 1992) and Management and Strategy of Health Industries (ESSEC E06) chose to join the medical information system industry after 17 years of work in associations or pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in Oncology and Hematology. She also is, since 2012 the foreign trade advisor of France and a methodologist expert in clinical research.

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