Mega-Bus International

Specialising in management software for private laboratories, Mega-Bus International joined Medasys' ecosystem in  2009. The subsidiary operates in the private biology segment and allows the Group to meet the needs of private laboratories, offering global coverage of the medical biology laboratorie's market. With over 400 references in the world (France and its overseas territories, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Cameroon, Syria, Libya, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Algeria, etc.), Mega-Bus International is one of the Group's main branches.
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Medasys Belgium (Mexys)

Mexys joined the Medasys Group in 2008 and distributes the Group's solutions Belgium-wide. This enables the Group to expand into Benelux region. Initially positionned in the software solutions market for the pre, intra, and post-operative Anesthesia department, Medasys Belgium now proposes the entire range of the Group Medasys, including a Patient Record integrating Belgium-specific functions, such as DIRHM. 
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Medasys Japan

Medasys Japan, a historic branch of the Group, focused on the development of medical imaging solution sales. Using this expertise, the team at Medasys Japan maintains the installed facilities and promotes solutions in the domain, in addition to new Group roaming solutions. 
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Medasys Africa

Created in December 2012, Medasys Africa constitutes the Group's foothold on the African continent. Medasys Africa was set up to promote the Group's complete offer and to develop the presence of our solutions in public and private institutions in the region. 
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MedHealth Maroc

The Group's presence in Morocco is essential to support the development of sales in the country. MedHealth Maroc was established at the end of 2013 to support commercial developments in the country.
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