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Démarche Qualité

Client satisfaction is at the core of Medasys' Quality approach. Through this voluntary strategy, all levels of our activity are impacted: design (development), sales, deployment, support.

Medasys continuously strives to improve its activity processes to guarantee the reliability of its software.

Medasys is accredited in three domains by the AFNOR certification department:

  • ISO 9001 v2008 Quality Certification
  • EC marking for medical imaging software certified by CPM APAVE
  • ISO 13485 v2003 certification in the domain of medical devices

This certification confirms our ability to provide a product compliant with regulatory and customer requirements.

In addition, our software helps medical biology laboratories to obtain standard 15189 certification. Our solutions meet all points required by the standard, i.e. traceability, confidentiality, security, integrity, interoperability, availability.

In terms of interoperability, Medasys actively contributes to the work of the IHE through Connectathons.

Learn more about our IHE and DICOM statements.

Green responsibility

Démarche environnementale

Our environmental policy is motivated by the promotion of our citizenship and minimisation of the risks of our activities on the environment. 

The environment is a major issue for our companies. An economic system based on the free exploitation of natural resources and on the unlimited emission of pollutants is not sustainable. Like any other community, Medasys' activity impacts the environment and each member of this community is responsible for this impact.

Our impact on the environment is mainly associated with greenhouse gas emissions produced by business travel. 

Beyond our professional activities, we are determined to modify our internal activities based on an environmental policy that follows four major action principles:

  • Manage our water consumption
  • Manage our electricity consumption
  • Manage our waste(reduction in our production and valuation of our waste)
  • Reduce the amount of business travel

With our main cause of emissions beign linked to travel, we offer employees access to virtual conferences for all and promote travel by public transport (train, aircraft). 

Medasys in France is committed to a selective sorting programme with a minimum of four waste categories: WEEE, paper, batteries, and other common waste.

Medasys has been ISO 14001 v2004 certified since September 2012.

Corporate citizenship

Démarche environnementale

At Medasys, we are committed to providing our partners with the best possible service and to contributing to their social, economic and environmental progress in conformity to article225 of the Grenelle II Act. 

The implementation of responsible policies allows us to target a clear goal: establish our reputation for excellence as a "corporate citizen".

To achieve this objective, we are focusing on 3 main areas:

  • Respect of the environment to reduce our carbon footprint
  • A united approach to contribute to the development of our employees and to enable them to implement their values
  • Social and Human Responsability to create a work space in which our members are happy to work and which offers everyone the same opportunities

CSR data were integrated into our financial report. Certificate of attendance was issued following an audit to check our social, environmental and corporate information. 

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