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Innovation comes naturally to Medasys!

Medasys is an innovative company (qualified by the OSEO Label, 2008). It invests 22% of its revenue in R&D to continuously improve its offer and to be able to provide its customers with new functions and strategies adapted to their current and future problems. Medasys also works on several European research programmes, in particular in the drug interactions sector (PSIP) and a new radiotherapy project (INSPIRA).

INSPIRA - IT for safety procedures and installation in radiotherapy

Cancer is nowadays the second cause of deaths in Europe and the United States. Most patients suffering from cancer undergo radiotherapy treatment. Due to the harmful effects of the treatment on healthy areas, it is important to implement a cross-disciplinary monitoring and inspection tool to offer better patient management. There is currently no complete IT solution to optimise the safety and quality of radiotherapy treatments during patient management. The aim of the INSPIRA project is to solve the patient safety problem in the radiotherapy treatment process. It will eventually offer a solution that can be used to monitor the treatment protocol in its entirety, based on precise indicators. The tool must therefore allow the dose delivered to the patient at multiple points to be known to assist each stage of the preparation and treatment itself by an "expert" system.  The reliability objective aims to reduce the probability of the occurrence of new accidents or to reduce the criticality.

The INSPIRA project is supported by the OSEO Industrial Strategy Innovation programme.  This federating and collaborative project involves research establishments and SMEs, healthcare centres such as the IGR, the Curie Institute, regional Cancer Centres, public university hospitals and private centres. Each institution contributing to the project brings its own skills and expertise in the radiotherapy cancer treatment chain in an aim to arrive at a solution that is fully adapted to need.

As part of this project, Medasys is developing the radiotherapy process management specialist information system. This system must integrate the radiotherapy process into the overall patient management process, in particular for oncology, and introduce the follow up of indicators in the medical record such as longitudinal dose monitoring.

PSIP - Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in medication

Adverse drug effects can put the life of patients at risk and become a major economic burden on hospitals. Prevention of these effects is therefore a major public health issue. The European PSIP project: "Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in medication", presented by 13 partners including Medasys, was initiated in January 2008 to propose innovative solutions associated with this problem. One of the goals of this project is to propose IT applications capable of automatically detecting risk situations. In this context, Medasys developed a decision support prototype integrated in its DxCare® patient record, providing healthcare professionals with relevant information to help them prevent these adverse drug effects.

RAVEL - Research and Visualisation of information in the electronic patient record

The National Research Agency's 3-year RAVEL project was initiated in January 2012. Coordinated by Rennes University, it is conducted in partnership with Bordeaux and Rouen Universities, the CNRS and industrialist VIDAL. The project allows Medasys to confirm the progress of its DxCare® Healthcare Information System; in terms of semantic interoperability and to work with leading French laboratories to develop increasingly user-friendly tools for healthcare professionals. The objective of the project is to develop intuitive and synthetic tools to access information in electronic patient records and thus to reinforce the quality and security of healthcare through improved knowledge by healthcare professionals of the patient healthcare status.

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